Dear Supporters,

We have recently completed our Spring Grant Round for sick and disadvantaged children in our communities. We have distributed £10,000 to 14 beneficiaries supporting a total of 457 children in Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire.

Kieran, Age 7 – Cerebral Palsy and Autism

Kieran is seven years old and suffers from Cerebral Palsy and autism. As a result, he suffers with tight hamstrings and often finds himself in awkward positions which can lead to further postural problems in later life. We have funded a specialist chair to help support his physiotherapy and to help his parents and carers teach Kieran better habits, enhancing the benefits of his treatment.


The Echoes Foundation – Supporting families with children of all disabilities

The Echoes Foundation was set up by a mother of a disabled child to meet the needs of local families by giving them access to sensory or specialist equipment, treatment and by offering a support community. We granted The Echoes Foundation special sensory equipment aimed at providing stimulation for the children to develop their senses, improve hand-eye co-ordination and develop language skills. This equipment will allow The Echoes Foundation to help approximately 150 families.


Darcy, Age 7 – Global developmental delay and dyskinesia

Darcy has dyskinesia which means she suffers from involuntary limb movements which are becoming more and more uncontrolled resulting in harm to herself and her carers. The specialist Lycra suit we granted Darcy will help control her movement without restricting her mobility, allowing her to use her arms and legs more functionally.


James, Age 12 – Di George Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, mobility and communication difficulties

James has a number of conditions contributing to his impaired mobility and learning ability. He finds it difficult to sign accurately making it difficult to communicate with his mother and teachers. We have granted James a tablet and a specially designed app for Jack to enable him to use as a voice output device to discourage his current frustrations and behavioural problems caused by a lack of communication.


Rhys, Age 5 – Cerebral Palsy

Rhys has Cerebral Palsy affecting his mobility which in turns has an effect on his social activities. We helped Rhys get a special trike enabling him to move around his home more and join in activities with his siblings more easily.


Child Dynamix – Supporting disabled children by giving them access to specialist equipment

Child Dynamix has been serving the communities of Hull for 11 years creating environments and delivering activities which enable children and young people to identify and realise both their aspirations and their potential. We funded a range of sensory equipment for them to make accessible for approximately 200 children with disabilities and additional learning and developmental needs.


Alfie, Age 9 – Angelman Syndrome

Alfie suffers from a rare genetic condition that affects approximately 1 in 25,000 people. It affects Alfie’s nervous system causing him severe physical and intellectual disability. Now Alfie is older there is more demand on his physical ability which is also impaired by his ataxia meaning he also requires support with his balance and movement. We granted Alfie a special wheelchair which will enable Alfie to become more mobile whilst also receiving better postural and balance support and reducing his anxiety about his disabilities.


Jenni, Age 9 – Canavan Disease

Jenni suffers from Canavan Disease, a very rare, life limiting brain disease. Jenni’s condition manifests itself with increasing head growth and no head control. She cannot walk, talk, sit and relies on her family and teachers for all her communication & social activity. Cash for kids are supporting Jenni by purchasing a tablet and mount for her wheelchair enabling Jenni to communicate with her family and have access to stimulating sensory apps, improving her quality of life.


KIDS Hull – supporting children with language and communication delay

KIDS Hull offer support to families of children with language and communication difficulties by way of sensory equipment and learning sessions. We funded a range of books, sensory toys, and games to help KIDS Hull support the communication development of approximately 60 children.


Kacey, Age 5 – learning and developmental delay and pica

Kacey has special education needs due to her learning and developmental delay and often gets distracted by her condition, Pica, meaning she has an appetite for non-food substances. We granted Kacey special educational toys to help develop her learning ability, reduce her distraction caused by Pica and to help her build a better relationship with her two younger sisters.


Dynamix – supporting children with various disabilities, disorders and learning difficulties

Dynamix offer non-judgemental, all inclusive access to a recreational environment for young people and adults with disabilities and additional needs, including their siblings and friends. We funded a Boccia Set (pronounced: botcha) and a special bowling ramp to further engage approximately 38  children in recreational activities.


Michael, Age 11 – emotional difficulties

Michael and his mother recently lost his father leaving them in emotional and financial turmoil. Michael has really struggled to cope with the loss of his Dad and has since developed various difficulties as a result. We granted Michael a bedroom makeover to list his spirits and make him more comfortable in his home now that his father is gone.


Every single penny we raise stays right here in East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire and provides a helping hand when and where it is needed the most; so you can be sure that your money is changing the lives of children on your doorstep


* Note: Children’s names have been changed to protect their identity

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